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Will I be treated on my first visit ?

In general, the first visit is used for the consultation where we will take time to explain to you what's the problem and how it can be treated. If possible, the treatment will be done the same day.  If not, you'll be able to take an appointment for the suggested treatment(s). The cost of eventual treatment(s) will be established during this first encounter.

Are laser treatments painful ?

Some of them are almost painless while others may need the application of a numbing cream. Sometimes you'll need a local anesthesia to make you comfortable. We can also prescribe an anti-inflammatory pill to take before the treatment. We make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during all the process.

May I need more than one treatment ?

On the first visit, we'll be as precise as possible concerning the number of treatments needed to obtain the desired results. Sometimes, it is only one, sometimes it's more, but you'll know at the beginning.

Could laser treatments be harmful for my general health ?

Laser technology is widely used in different medical fields. There are dozens of different kinds of devices using laser with precise goals. Dermatologic laser target skin only. The special precaution we have to take concerns ocular safety. That's why we always use protection goggles or ocular shields for everyone in the treatment room.

We avoid some of the laser treatments during pregnancy and lactation, but some can be done with no harm.

What are the possible secondary reactions to laser treatment ?

Redness for a few hours to a few days, sensitive skin for a few hours, warm sensation, bruises, crust formation for a few days, mild swelling for less than 24 hours are the most frequent reactions after laser treatment. Some treatments are invisible. You'll be advised in advance so there won't be any surprises. If you are in doubt after a treatment, you can join us through an emergency line seven days a week.

Rarely, there are skin coloration changes like blanching of skin (hypopigmentation) or darkening of skin (hyperpigmentation). These changes are temporary (1 to 12 months) and are more frequent in people with darker skin.

You'll receive after each treatment informations about what to expect and what to do to get the best outcomes.

May I be treated if my skin is sun-tanned or if I plan to go sunbathe ?

Certain laser treatments require that you be cautious of the sun for 4 weeks while other laser treatments do not have this requirement. Other treatments as injections for instance do not require any sun protection. We will let you know.

Do you have other clinics or franchises ?

No. We firmly believe that the best place to be treated is where the physician is and ideally by the physician himself. Since both of our physicians work in our only clinic in Laval, there are no other clinics nor franchises. That way, we can ensure the best possible treatments for our patients.

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