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When we planned the opening of the clinic we asked ourselves this simple question: how would we like to be treated if we were the patients ?

Thereby we created a warm, sober but elegant place with state-of-the-art technology that is not apparent at first glance.

We chose a more ecological way to work with an all computerized set-up.

We decided that at every visit and every treatment the doctors would be the ones to take care of all the patients in a professional and caring way.

We also decided to be available for treated patients, seven days a week, through an emergency line.

On the medical aspect, our clinic takes care of dermatologic problems needing  precise, effective and recognized medical action.

Concerning the cosmetic aspect of our practice, we think that beauty is primarily something that reflects inner well-being. Thereby our main goal is to do what it takes to make people feel good when they come to see us and, of course, when they go back home !

We aim to improve what is naturally nice in each and everyone rather than trying to change the nature of things.  To look rested, serene, radious is what we're looking for.

If, furthermore, you seem to be a few years younger, that's a bonus !



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