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The clinic offers dermatology consultation service, with or without medical reference.  The follow-ups will be done at the clinic or by the referring physician.

We do minor surgeries if it's indicated.

We treat mainly with different kinds of laser those problems:

  • redness (rosacea, broken veins on face and legs, angiomas, ...)
  • brown spots raised or not ( mole, solar and aging spots, seborrheic keratosis,...)
  • scars (acne, after a surgery or a accident)
  • stretch marks
  • acne
  • rhinophyma (red and bulky nose)
  • precancerous lesions (actinic keratosis), actinic cheilitis, and some superficial skin cancer
  • growths of all kinds (skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, xanthelasma (yellow spots near the eyes), syringomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, moles)

We have about ten different devices to work with to treat these different conditions.

Precancerous lesions, some superficial skin cancers and some kinds of acne can also be treated with photodynamic therapy (PDT).

We take care also of the more cosmetic aspects of changing skin like:

  • wrinkles
  • changes in texture, dilated pores
  • dullness (dyschromia)
  • flabbiness of skin face, neck, tummy and arms
  • volume loss in the face
  • tatoo and permanent make-up that you want to have removed
  • unwanted hair on white and darker skin

Certain conditions are treated by combining laser and/or other modalities like fillers (Juvederm® and Restylane®), Cosmetic Botox® and microdermabrasion.

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